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Should You Use Linkinbio or Linktree to Promote Yourself or Your Own Website?
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Should You Use Linkinbio or Linktree to Promote Yourself or Your Own Website?

Have you noticed a trend that creatives, businesses and various influencers and regular folks alike are using either linkinbio or linktree for their primary link on social media sites like Instagram? It’s an interesting trend and while we understand why people are doing it, our gut feeling is that you would be better served by…

WordPress Website Training with Mike Simpson (Create a Site)
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WordPress Website Training with Mike Simpson (Create a Site)

Are you a designer, photographer, artist or business person? Do you have a website? Are you interested in learning how to design and manage your own site? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you should consider taking a workshop or online course with Mike Simpson from Tdot Studio. Mike walks you…


Getting Started with WordPress Part 1 (Building Pages and Posts with Blocks)

Welcome to the tutorial. This article assumes you have already established things like hosting, your domain name and you have installed or set up WordPress. If you have done these things, then congrats! This is the fun part, where you get to start adding content and designing your site. We are gong to look at…

How To Register Your Own Domain Name (including Dot Com, Dot CA and Alternate TLDs)
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How To Register Your Own Domain Name (including Dot Com, Dot CA and Alternate TLDs)

Are you ready to register a domain name? Your own domain name and website offer maximum personalization, customization and the ability to share your portfolio and work without overwhelming your clients or contacts with advertising or any of the distractions of the social web. Here are some valuable tips for registering domain names.

Free Tools to Make Sure Your Website is Fast and Reliable (Speed and Uptime Tests)
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Free Tools to Make Sure Your Website is Fast and Reliable (Speed and Uptime Tests)

Recently I was working on some web design related projects for some friends and clients. There were two websites that were starkly different. to make a long story short, one site, created by me was loading fast and the other was super slow….. yikes! How did I know? I used a simple website speed test…

Mike's Blog - going DIY choosing web hosting platforms
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Go DIY and Create Your Own Website: Mike’s Tips on Hosting and Site Building Platforms (Premium Post)

Learning how to build websites and work with web hosting has been an amazing experience. It opened up so many doors for me, from self publishing to website design to marketing my projects in first rate fashion.