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Tdot Shots Photo Contest Awards Wrap-Up (Event Sponsored by Prolab Canada)

This is the wrap up post for our Tdot Shots 2023 Photo Contest sponsored by Prolab Canada. In this post we share winners and finalists’ images and comments by our judges. We greatly appreciate the hard work of our volunteers and thank everyone who entered the contest and came to the awards photo walk.

Congrats Winners and Finalists

Here are some posts from our social media – detailing the winning images and including comments from the judges. Congrats everyone! Winners of each category received a $100 print credit from our sponsor Prolab Canada. All finalists will receive a one-year premium membership on our new websites featuring courses and site network. Big thanks to our judges Taku Kumabe, Kurt Wang and Michele Thompson for supporting the contest again this year.

Cityscape and Street category

Our winners and judges commented on the images. Here are some highlights.
1. Bathurst Street bridge cycling race by @midnightnsix
Marc had shot this scene before in 2022 and planned it to capture the cyclist Josh Cassidy at Toronto Waterfront Marathon
Our judge Michele said “This unique city moment tells a great story with great use of architecture to help tell it.”
2. Subway station entrance by @fuu__shots
Kurt said “Outstanding composition and amazing timing.”
Michele outlined that this image features the juxtaposition of action (moving street car.) with the stationary (person talking)
3. Rainy reflections by @free_dp.ey
Dave Paul has “great composition and moment captured here. The backlit pedestrian set amongst the colours of the nighttime light reflections does a great job pulling the viewer into the frame,” explained Michele.

Landscape category

1. Moon over Scarborough Bluffs Break-water
Photographer Eddie commented “I knew that the weather conditions would be perfect this early evening. All I needed was some luck on my side and a couple or person would be standing at the right spot at the right time.” Judge Taku remarked the image was an “incredible perspective of long zoom people and the moon.”

2. Marilyn Bell Park sunset by @michaelburkephotography
Taku said “Lovely golden hour image where I can really feel the warmth of the moment. The focal point (pedestrian) is placed nicely in between the shadows of the trees. Nice timing with a minimal edit to the overall image.”.
3. Aerial of Evergreen Brickworks by @offbeatimages
Photographer Ash said “I love how the Don Valley explodes with colour in the fall. I was pumped when I had a free morning to grab a few vibrant shots from vantage points I haven’t captured before.”

Out of the Box (Art and Edit) category

1. Leuty Lifeguard station by @sunshine_obsessed
Kurt said the image was “very creative.” Taku wrote, “surreal edit that almost looks like a real place somewhere else in the world. The vibrant colours really bring out the punch on the horizon.”
2. Might Trains by @fuu_shots
Michele remarked,
“I love ve the futuristic feel of this creative long exposure of four moving trains – with great leading lines and tones.”
3. Berczy Park night by @jeffteravainen
Taku wrote, “I really liked the mood of the edit here, highlighting the autumn orange. There’s a sense of loneliness portrayed by the empty bench making it look like it was taken well into the nighttime.”

Photo Walk & Awards Meetup

On Sunday December 3, we congratulated the winners at our awards photo walk event in downtown Toronto. A group of two dozen GTA photographers came out in the rainy cold afternoon to join us as we explored the beautiful Christmas and holiday decorations in the financial district. Scroll for photo walk post with images from our group.

Thanks for your support everyone and see you next year!

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