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Spring and Summer Events include our Toronto Island Photo Walk Workshop Tdot Shots 6th Anniversary and Neighbourhood Tours

Toronto island photo walk by Tdot Shots

Howdy. We are excited to share news that a number of events including photo walks, workshops and walking tours have recently been planned and announced.

Here’s a quick list:

  • April 20 – Street and Fashion Photography Event (Free)
  • April 27 – Public Art Photo Walk Tour ($9)
  • May 11 – Toronto Island Photo Walk and Workshop ($10)
  • May 18 – Beaches Toronto Photo Walk (Free)
  • May 24 – Kensington Market Photo Walk Tour ($9)
  • TBA – Skateboard Session Photo Walk and Workshop (Free)
  • TBA (June) – The Junction Neighbourhood Tour (Architecture and History, Free)

Toronto Island event will include Night Photography and Light Painting

Our special guest, Scott Visscher will walk is through the techniques and art that is known as light painting. You can also practice your sunset and landscape photography as we take in the evening at Toronto islands, with an incredible view of the skyline.

The island is such an amazing place. It’s the perfect spot to celebrate the 6th anniversary of Tdot Shots (founded May 2018).

Note: If you buy a ticket for our event we also encourage you to buy a ferry ticket in advance as well. More details at the event page.

Previous Light Painting event images

Public Art Toronto Tour is a Unique Experience

Like any big city, Toronto has a lot of public art in the downtown core. But finding all of it can be a challenge. Your guide, Mike, will uncover some gems and give you background information about each piece of art and the artist behind the works.

We cover quite a bit of ground, moving from Union Station to Financial District, and then from City Hall to Chinatown. This is a unique experience and you will learn a lot about public art in the city of Toronto. hope you will join us.

Photos from Mike / Financial District, City Hall and Chinatown

These images are from recent versions of the public art and architecture walking tour taken in 2023 – 2024. Please swipe or click to view all images in the carousels.

Events List (RSVP or Buy Tickets)

Upcoming Events

Thank You / Please Join Us

We are grateful to you for stopping by and reading through this article. We hope you appreciated the tips on spots and techniques. If you enjoyed the content please give us a follow on Instagram @tdot_shots and explore the rest of the site.

We host events like photo walks and other meetups for creatives in Toronto. Browse our event listings and sign up for a free or paid event at our site tdot.com/events.

Feature image by Mike Simpson aka @tdot_mike. Mike is the curator of Tdot Shots and leads the photo walk meetups.

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