Toronto Island Photo Walk and Photography Workshop May 11 2023 (Participant Discussion)


Welcome to the page supporting the upcoming walk and workshop. We will enjoy cityscape, landscape, sunset and light painting photography at the workshop on May 11 with photographer Scott Visscher and Mike from Tdot Shots.

Location: We will meet at a location TBA on Toronto island. A link to a Google map will be emailed the morning of the event. The map will show the main locations for our walk and shoot.

Time: Our event takes place an hour before sunset. You will be able to travel to the island via the Toronto ferries. We suggest you buy a ferry ticket in advance to save time at the gates.

Suggestion: Organizers will be meeting by 6:00 pm sharp to take the 6:15 pm ferry to Centre Island. We suggest leaving by a ferry which departs at 9:45 pm. You may make other arrangements if you wish (earlier or later departures, see spring schedule).

A Forum for Us to Meet and Discuss

This page was designed for us to share tips and get to know each other. Please review the resources and feel free to leave a comment introducing yourself.

Sample starter questions:

  • How can we bring an artistic approach to our night time images?
  • What techniques are useful when photographing with long exposures?
  • What tools can we use for night photography?

Feel free to ask any questions you like and we will discuss. 🙂

To comment you must be a member and be logged-in. Creating a user account is easy. Please add a bio and picture to your profile.

Looking forward to seeing you on May 11!

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  1. Hello everybody. I’m happy to get the opportunity to welcome you to this event, introduce myself on this page and get a chance to chat before the workshop. It’s a special event as we celebrate Tdot Shots 6th anniversary. Huge thanks for supporting me and the community at this marker! 👍😀

    You can ask Scott and me some questions prior to the event. If you have a query about the location, camera gear or photography techniques or anything else, just let us know!

    If you click through to my profile you’ll learn a bit about me. Thanks for reading and see you on the island!


  2. Thanks so much for joining Mike and I on this island photo walk! I’m definitely looking forward to photographing the city from the island, and fingers crossed for a beautiful sunset.

    I’m looking forward to photographing the skyline at night and trying to get those cool “star burst” effects of the lights. In order to get these starbursts from the lights we’ll need to bring our aperture to about f/16+… some trial and error and we’ll achieve it!

  3. Hello! Welcome to you. We’re looking forward to your questions! Please feel free to write a short introduction about yourself and your photography. Networking and marketing yourself are positive aspects of participating in workshops and meetups like this.

    If you are curious, here’s the url of the very first Instagram post by Tdot Shots, way back on May 21, 2018

    Cheers and talk soon! Hit us up with your comments and questions!

  4. Hi Scott

    I wanted to ask if a tripod is required and second, do you expect to do steel wool spinning and light painting during the workshop?

    Thanks a lot and looking forward to seeing you.

    1. I definitely recommend a tripod as we begin to lose light after sunset. For the lightpainting demo we will need to do a long exposure of 5-10seconds, so tripod is key for that. If the surroundings are ideal for it, a few steelwool spins could be possible too.

  5. UPDATE – We are grateful to everyone who attended the workshop! Many of you have posted images on social! Thanks for sharing and spreading the word. Big shout out to facilitator and light painting wizard Scott Visscher!

    We have posted some images from the workshop in a post on the Tdot Shots website:

    Please check it out. Cheers and hope to see you all again soon!