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Interview with Toronto Artist Frida Vokshi (Member Post)

Interview and art by Frida Vokshi
Follow the artist on Instagram: @frida_art_design

Interview and curation by @mikesimpson

Who are you?

I am Frida Vokshi, creator of @frida_art_design, an art and conceptual design studio.  I am originally from Albania. I graduated as an architect and worked there before I moved in Toronto, more than 3 years ago. Currently I work for a real estate company as a full time architectural designer and in my free time I illustrate, take pictures, create new designs, listen to music, practice yoga and meditation. I love traveling and exploring new places. I like documenting them through illustrations. Toronto is magical and it has given me the great opportunity to explore new spots every day.

How long have you been creating?

I have been creating since I was 5 years old.

What are your favourite subjects?

My favourite subjects are illustrating streets, buildings, activities and iconic locations in a city.

Usually, I illustrate places that I visit, so I can express a real experience. I complete the initial sketch live, then I take pictures to improve it at home, and sometimes I illustrate it based on a photo I might have taken during my walks.

Roy Thomson Hall art by Frida Art Design
Roy Thomson Hall, Toronto, art by Frida Art Design
Casa Loma Toronto art by Frida Art Design
Casa Loma, Toronto, art by Frida Art Design

What are your favourite tools or techniques?

Tools: Van Gogh watercolors in Cold Press finish watercolor paper and Pigma Micron ink 03.

My favorite techniques are fast pencil sketches, watercolor & ink illustrations, digital coloring in Photoshop.I like using Photoshop because it gives me the freedom to re conceptualize a view or mix a realistic image with a handmade illustration.

Lately I have experimented painting with coffee – I call it watercoffee technique 🙂

Gooderham Building Toronto in water-coffee art technique by Frida Art Design
Gooderham Building, Toronto, in water-coffee art technique by Frida Art Design

Do you have any tips for people starting out?

Acrylic paint is pretty easy to work with, making it a great option for beginners. Coloring books are helpful and fun. You might also try watercoloring or experiment other techniques. I suggest to take a look on video tutorials on YouTube as well. Also, you can start painting at any age you are. I encouraged my mum to start out a few years ago and I got surprised when I saw her first painting in acrylic technique, a big colorful tree, so beautiful. I believe that the ability to create is inside each of us and practice is the key to get it out. My suggestion for you is to focus in the process of creating without thinking for the final result and while doing so, you will have fun and gain freedom to express yourself… step by step you will improve and see great results.

Where can people find you on the web or social?

You can find me on Instagram at @frida_art_design or visit my website www.fridaartdesign.com

Thank  you 🙂

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