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Tdot Shots Interview with Photographer-Artist Todd Murrison (Member Feature)

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Interview and photo selection by Mike Simpson.

Who are you?  

I am Todd Murrison, a semi-retired illustrator who has worked in the North American advertising industry since 1984. The majority of my projects have been collaborating with various Ad agencies and their creative departments, drawing storyboards for TV commercials.  
My storyboard work can be seen on Instagram (@todd_murrison_storyboards) and my photography Instagram account is @toddmurrisonphotography.  
My personal website is www.toddmurrison.com

How did you get started with photography? 

I first started shooting with a Pentax Asahi film camera in art school, but didn’t get into digital photography until 2013. Capturing images in 2 dimension, while interpreting reality into a personal perspective, is not dissimilar to illustration. The only difference is the media.  

City Hall Toronto by Todd Murrison

What do you like to shoot and where? 

I enjoy shooting all genres, but the two which I continue to fall back upon are landscape and architecture photography. 
Toronto has an incredible blend of architecture styles. Of late, there are some very modern, bold designs, which create a different “look” depending on the time of day and environment.  
With regards to local landscapes, my comfort zone is along the beaches of Lake Ontario seeking hidden gems. Our four seasons can transform the shoreline in just a matter of days!    

Ajax Waterfront Trail by Todd Murrison
Downtown Toronto by Todd Murrison

What gear do you use? 

I started shooting with a Canon T3i, then moved onto Full-Frame DSLRs. I now shoot mirrorless (Canon R5). It’s pretty incredible how rapidly technology has improved in the last few years! 

Burlington, Ontario by Todd Murrison

Who are your favourite photographers? 

I’ve always been inspired by Joel Tjintjelaar (@joeltjintjelaar), Julia Anna Gospodarou (@juliaannagospodarou) for their artistic, interpretative architectural works. Regarding landscape imagery, I’m a big fan of Marc Adamus (@marcadamus), Isabella Tabacchi (@isabellandscapes) and Max Rive (@maxrivephotography).  

Thanks for taking the time to contribute Todd! 👍

OCAD University, Toronto by Todd Murrison
Art Gallery of Ontario by Todd Murrison
Lake Ontario shoreline in Ajax Ontario by Todd Murrison

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